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Simple bedroom designs for small rooms

Do you live in an apartment or vintage home and are in need of simple bedroom designs for small rooms? Well you can to the right place for some great bedroom makeover ideas. Yes, you can have style in small spaces. When decorating a home the bedroom is usually the last place that gets decorated because it's the last place that guests see, if it at all. Mostly, the only person that sees the bedroom is you, the occupants, right? So why spend a bunch of money on a room that no one sees. Well the time has finally come. You either have decorated all your other rooms or you are now sick of your old bedroom and are will to finally decorate. So let's get to it, keeping in mind you have a small space.

Bedroom designs you will not want to miss out on

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Ideas for small bedrooms

Small bedroom paint color

Paint color matters greatly in a small bedroom
The first thing should be is to paint the walls and ceiling. That is provided you can. If you live in an apartment that might not be an option. And if that's the case you are stuck with whatever color is currently on the walls.

But that may not be all bad because it's most likely going to be a neutral color with is good. If you own your home or have permission to paint now is the time to decide weather or not you want a dark color or a light color bedroom.

My advise is since you have a small bedroom the practical choice is to choose a light neutral color. By using a light color this gives the illusion of a much larger room. It gets rid of the feeling that you are boxed in. It brightens up the room considerably. One of my favorite is Behr's Hazelnut Cream 750C-2 in the Marquee line.

Best paint for small bedrooms
Behr's Hazelnut Cream
Here is why I like this paint. The Marquee line of paint contains a primer and delivers exceptional hiding and advanced stain-blocking. It's their most advance paint. If you are going to go to the trouble of doing all the work go ahead and spend a few dollars more and get the best paint quality because most likely you are not going to repaint for years to come. There are many other brands of paint that are good so if you have first hand experience with a particular brand then get their best or top line of paint. It's not worth going cheap on paint.

If you are close to Memorial Day you are in luck because Behr usually has this line of paint on sale or you can get a rebate for $10.00 per gallon. They may have other sales but this is the only one I am familiar with.

The Hazelnut Cream color gives enough of a contrast from the White trim and White ceiling. So now that your room is all in a nice light color you are ready to add accent colors to liven up the space. Plus the great thing is you can change out the decor at any time using a completely different color and get a new look. It's now becomes simple and easy to change up the look of your bedroom.

Say no to big bulky bed frames designs

The last thing you want in a small bedroom is a big bulky bed frame or canopy frame dominating your space. You need all the space you can get. I even recommend going as far as getting a bed with no foot board. A good option is a Serta SER-1870BRG-I premium elite clamp style bed frame. If you can't find this particular model there are others out there that are similar. Please note if you go this route you will need a box spring.

Serta steel bed frame
Serta clamp style bed frame

Another option is just use a simple frame like the one shown below. You can get these in different colors to suit your needs. Plus the big advantage is that no box spring is needed. The biggest drawback of going this route is you will have no space under the bed to store anything unless you purchase a bed riser.

Image courtesy of pin.it/o5hhm4w247n522
Simple framed bed

Items listed in the picture are as follows:
  1. Baxton Studio Mia Mid Century Fabric Upholstered Platform Bed $304.29 - Target
  2. Warwick Solid White 300-Thread Count Supima Pillowcase (Set of 2) $49.95 - Homedepot
  3. Ivy Bronx Auttenberg Throw Pillow $71.99 - Wayfair 

Small bedroom storage ideas

Image courtesy of pin.it/heh4xcr26z3yii
IKEA Rattan Underbed storage box
Storage is extremely important in small bedrooms. So if you can you want to utilize under bed storage options. This is a huge area of wasted space that you can use if you get the right storage containers. One option is from Ikea Rattan Under-bed storage box - $50.00

Image courtesy of pin.it/sizeyrrm2dkt65
Ikea under bed storage plastic container
Also the clear plastic under bed latching boxes works great. They are lower in cost and have wheels on the bottom for easy sliding. You actually can pack a lot of items in two of these plastic bins. For example, you can store extra sheets and or clothes. Like winter clothes in the summer. Items you may not need for a few months. $43.99 HOMZ 60 Qt. Twin/King Under Bed Latching Clear Storage Box (2-Pack)from Ikea.

Mirrors for small bedrooms

Image courtesyt of pin.it/esagpqrrv27j4i
Yelton full length mirror - Wayfair
Any kind of mirror is great for the bedroom. Like mentioned above it gives the illusion of more space. Make sure to mount the mirror on the wall or position it so that it reflects light from a nearby window. This increases the effects of the mirror. Any shape or kind of mirror will do but the bigger the better. And if you can fit two mirrors in your room that that is super! The mirror above is the Yelton Rustic Full Length Mirror from Wayfair - $232.99
Image courtesy of pin.it/qiyl7q3mfsgixg
Use two mirrors for double the effect - making a small room feel bigger
My favorite design is to use two mirrors. Hang a round medium sized mirror over a dresser and utilize another stand-up mirror in the coroner for the room. This technique works well to reflect a lot of light and makes the room appear much bigger. Sometime you can find mirrors on close-out for $60.00 at Wayfair like the one pictured below.

Round bedroom mirrors

Floating shelves for a small bedroom is a must 

Image courtesy of pin.it/fo4h4yzahs6bcv
Floating shelves down to the floor
Floating shelves give you added storage and decor space above dressers and other furniture. the big plus is even if you do not have any furniture you can run the shelves all the way down to the floor like in the image shown above. Many of these shelves can be built by the DIY person or purchased while on sale like in the image below.

Bedroom shelving

A picture frame ledge shelf is a perfect way to show paintings, photos and other decor. You can read my other article on this site entitled, picture frame ledge shelf. This article shows different option and costs and also covers a little about DIY shelves.

Chrome for small bedrooms

Chrome bedroom lamp with led bulb
The more chrome you can use the better provided you like chrome. This technique uses the same principal as the mirrors. It's another shiny reflective surface adding more light and making the room appear much bigger than it really is. If you are not a big fan of chrome or it does not fit into your style then that's OK, just choose a lamp and or other items that are not bulky but rather slender and more light weight looking. This gives the room a simple uncluttered look which looks much bigger that a cluttered room. The lamp picture above is the Ikea Stockholm table lamp with an led bulb -$54.99.

Small bedroom ideas review

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