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How do you design a large bedroom

Whether your style is formal or casual many people often ask how do you design a large bedroom? For many folks the master bedroom is their favorite place in the house. It's a place they can retiree and get away from everyone else. A place to have some time to yourself. Therefore its a great question how to create the master bedroom of your dreams.

My top ten absolute best large bedroom designs

Best large bedroom designs and ideas

In this article I'll go over some of my best tips, tricks and inspirational photo examples of stunning large bedroom spaces. As always to get the perfect look you should be familiar with the 6 principals of interior design. Balance in particular color balance is an important concept and is referenced in the examples shown below.

1. Paint for a large bedroom

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Dark paint for a elegant old world style
To close up some of the space and make your large bedroom feel much warmer and cozy try painting the walls a darker color. In the above photo the bedroom walls were painted with a darker colors, for example Behr Midnight Show paint. This gives the room an elegant old world style. And if you choose a modern color you can have a contemporary look.

2. Dark furniture for a big bedroom

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The right balance between dark and light colors
Adding dark woods also give the room a much cozier feel the trick is to find the right balance of color and not going so dark the room becomes overly masculine. In the above photo to offset the dark paint on the walls and the dark wood furniture neutral colors were used for accents like, lamps, pillows, area rugs and bed linen.

3. Large bedroom darker flooring

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Darker flooring in bedroom
Neutral palette is not dull or gloomy and when done right by mixing the right balance of dark and light you end up with a stunning bedroom. Try adding a darker floor in your bedroom. In the above photo a medium dark wood flooring was used. This gives both an old world so of traditional look along with a contemporary sensibility for a stunning big bedroom design.

4. Add a bedroom seating area

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Add a loveseat at the end of your bed
One common big bedroom design is to add a seating area at the end of the bed. Position a loveseat for example at the end of the bed. If you do not have a loveseat then try using a matching pair of armchairs. Now you have a place to relax for reading or just chatting.

5. Add plants to a big bedroom

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Add plants to a big bedroom

A popular trend nowadays for living rooms is to add plants. Lots and lots of plants are a big part of room trends noways. They can make an eye-catching statement most anywhere. In the photo above a tall plane was added in the corner of the bedroom. Just don;t forget to properly care for your plant. And do you homework on what kind of plant will work best for your room lighting conditions.

6. Canopy bed for a large room

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Old world bedroom beauty with a canopy bed
Add a rich exquisite old world bedroom beauty with a canopy bed. A canopy bed will truly transform the look and feel of any bedroom decor. In the above photo the Martanny Bedroom Collection by BenchCraft features a medium brown cherry finish. The ornamentation and thick mouldings beautifully capturing the pure elegance.

7. Large bedroom painted ceiling

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Large bedroom painted ceiling
Another hot trend nowadays is painted ceilings. This design scheme works great for large bedrooms. In the above photo the master bedroom ceiling was painted with a Benjamin Moore Midnight Blue to offset the dark ceiling and add color balance a neutral loveseat was added and the bedroom walls painted in a neutral color. Along with a dark blue bedspread and neutral flooring creates the perfect balance of color for a simple clean look.

8. Add large artwork to a big bedroom

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Add large artwork to a big bedroom
Some will argue that wall art is the most important element in interior design and everything else should should be designed around the art. For example, furniture placed around the art and even the color scheme of the room to be pulled from the artwork.

9. Add a large headboard

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Headboard and artwork above the headboard was added
By adding an oversized headboard give fullness to the room without being overcrowded. And to go a step further you can add oversized art above the bed to complement the headboard. In the photo above the addition of a headboard which is in a neutral color complements the darker wall calming blue color striking the perfect balance of visual appeal. A large artwork photo of a beach scene brings in the outdoors playing with the blue hues for a pleasing color palette.

10. Installing wallpaper in a large bedroom

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Installing dark elegant wallpaper in the bedroom
By installing dark wallpaper it tends to make your space seem to feel much smaller than it really is. The tick is to find a wallpaper that will give an elegant look to your room. In the photo above a marble design was used to achieve an expensive looking wall design. Looks like real marble but at the fraction of the cost. This design give the room so much sophistication and elegance. This is a popular way of upgrading because you can make it so that it blends in with most any existing bedroom decor.

Conclusion and large bedroom design review

Well there you have it my top ten absolute best large bedroom design.

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