Behr paints

One of my favorite paints is Behr. And the reason why is because I have extensive hands on experience using their products for over 25 years. There are other great paints on the market but I have personal experience using Behr. Feel free to use whatever you have experience with. I like to use their Marquee line of paints but like to purchase them if they are on sale if possible. HomeDepot usually has them on sale during Memorial Day and the sale is usually for $10.00 off per gallon. So if you can plan ahead you can save some money.

One of my favorite interior colors is Behr's Hazelnut Cream 750C-2 in the Marquee line

Behr paint
Hazelnut Cream

Behr paint Marquee

Why I like the Marquee line of paint is because the Marquee paint line includes a primer and provides outstanding hiding and sophisticated stain-blocking. It's their most advanced paint.

If you're going to go through the tough job of painting a room why not go ahead and spend a few more bucks and getting the highest paint quality? On paint, it's not worth going the inexpensive route.

Behr interior colors similar to Hazelnut Cream

Paint color samples from Behr

If you like Hazelnut Cream then you will like these Behr colors

Behr paint colors

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