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Inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas

Here are my top inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas that are real easy to do. If you are stuck with a dated space and are looking to change the visual appearance without too much work or expense then you came to the right place.
Low cost bathroom remodel ideas

Inexpensive bathroom ideas that make a huge difference

Low cost bathroom lighting

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Many times the lighting fixture can quickly be dated. Once I see the round four or six white light bulbs in a row mounted above the mirror I know immediately it’s old. Changing the lighting is not that hard to do or expensive and can have a dramatic effect on the color and mood.

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Older bathroom lighting casts ugly shadows and project unnatural color on your skin. New lighting can make your area look larger, newer and fresher. Plus makes your color accents and art stand out and be noticed. I tend to go with led lighting especially in small rooms because of the heat. With incandescent bulbs heat is a major factor. Six regular bulbs can heat up a small bathroom quickly. LEDs are much cooler depending on the style and brand.

Cheap paint ideas

Paint can make a huge difference due you are most likely changing the color of the wall to better fit your color scheme. This also can complement the color of your decor making it look more visually appealing.

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You do not have to choose a glossy color anymore just to get the mildew resistant protections. Most all matte colors have the mildew additive or it can be added at the store at the time of purchase. Lighter color matte finishes work well. Using a matte natural color and a ceramic art gallery of your favorite items can be a great way to add impact and decoration to your walls.

Budget bathroom Sink

A new budget sink can have a big impact. New sinks and facets also make a big impact. Upgrading to a new style can be done without much cost. A 43 inch sink and vanity like the one pictured below from HomeDepot runs about $500 and up.

And most likely if your hardware has not been changed out recently you might be due for an upgrade anyway. Changing out the hardware on the vanity and or cabinets is a great idea and easy to do. Most hardware is just screwed on. For the drawer pulls, you just need to be careful to measure the distance between the holes and choose the right size pull replacement.

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Easy bathroom remodel ideas:
  1. 32 inch round decorative mirror - $162.94 (AllModern)
  2. Golden Lighting Parrish 4-Light Black Bath Light - $197.72 (HomeDepot)
  3. 17 Stories Diez Slat Metal and Wood 3 Piece Wall Shelf Set - $135.99 (Wayfair)
  4. WallPops NuWallpaper Grey White Brick - $34.99 (Joann Fabric)

Simple accent remodel ideas

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Popular Bath Vera 18-Pc. Shower Set Bedding - $55.99
Pick simple accents that complement your wall art. This is an easy way and low cost way to add a flowing modern color accent to your room. Change out the rug and or floor mats to a new color. Pick towels in an accent color to add some pop. Like the one above from Macy's.

If you have a large enough area you can also add accessories. You may have a shelf or lighted area or cove where a live pant or floral arrangement will add an accent to the room. A new wastebasket and a soap dish or pump can be used as well to add a color accent. These are low cost schemes that adds color, accents and complements your art.

Affordable shelving in the bathroom 

Building wall mounted affordable shelves to hold ceramic art is also a great idea to add color accents to your bathroom. You can also add pictures, framed art and other appealing items in different sizes and shapes on the shelves. They can be changed out easily at any time. This scheme works well when building a gallery of similar or favorite items. If you have a large bare wall this approach works well. If your bathroom walls are painted a light blue for example you could add items to your shelve that are complement colors. Repeating patterns can be used as well. Pick an art d├ęcor with a repeating pattern in different sizes to build your gallery. For example if I had a light natural green wall and by using multiple darker green ceramic flowers in varying sizes would make a good focal point.

Bathroom remodel ideas conclusion

Not all walls have to be decorated. Sometimes a blank wall looks good. It can be accomplished by using over-sized contemporary tiles. Using four by nineteen tiles across a wall in a rich color give the simplicity of a pattern with an elegant look and feel. This scheme works well with one wall done this way.

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