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Living room trends

What are some of the biggest and best living room trends. What do the interior design professionals recommend? I don't always agree with the latest trends but it's interesting to see what is trending and what is hot. Once you take a look for yourself you can easy decide if it's right for your interior or not. You may even want to just incorporate a few of the ideas and not everything that is trending.

This article builds on it self so it starts in the current year and works backward. Feel free to check back next year and see the current living room trend for that year. If you are interested in more topics like these you should read my other article called: what is the most important element in interior design.

2019 Living Room Trends 

trending interior designs for 2019
Painted ceiling and plants 2019 trend. Image courtesy of

2019 trend painted ceilings

One of the biggest and best 2019 living room trends according to the professionals is painted ceilings. In my opinion it looks great provided you choose the right color for the amount of natural lighting you have in the room.

So for an example if you have a very dark room to begin with and not much natural lighting a dark ceiling is going to make the room even darker. Now that being said, that is may be your intent.

One big disadvantage I see is the the ceiling now become your accent color so you better like it a lot because changing it to another color now requires painting the entire ceiling. And of course your now that is not an easy and quick job.

For the positive, your room has a dramatic effect. Anyone seeing it for the first time will surly have a comment to make on how interesting and appealing it looks. Done right, with the right mix of colors looks very nice.

Another popular 2019 trend is plants

Lots and lots of plants are a big part of 2019 living room trends. As you know plants can make an eye catching statement most anywhere in your home or office. So it's just natural that they look great in your living room, right?

When choosing a plant just make sure you do your homework and select a plant for the amount of natural light you have for your room and how much your plant will need. And do not forget to water.

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