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What is the best color for a small kitchen?

Since most people start their day in the kitchen it's a good question to ask What is the best color for a small kitchen when doing a kitchen remodel. Some colors are just going to work much better than others in a kitchen. For example colors on the warm side are going to help with your appetite and would be an excellent color choice. However red is most likely going to be a bit much for most folks so I would stick to red decor and accents. I can't really see a kitchen painted with all red walls or for that matter all red kitchen cabinets. I don't know about you but that would be a shock to walk into in the morning.
Kitchen painting strategies
Now days gray is the new neutral color. A gray kitchen is a popular choice. It pairs up nicely with many colors. For example, gray and teal, gray and blue, gray and pink and the list goes on.

Painting strategies that make a small kitchen look larger

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Gray is a popular kitchen color
Gray is a neutral that's been taking center stage lately in many homes. It often gets categorized as being too cold, but with the right shade, it can work wonders in a kitchen. Best of all, it pairs beautifully with a wide array of other colors and is the perfect base to build upon in a kitchen. It also works well as a countertop or cabinet color.

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Neutral kitchen with contrasting backsplash
For small kitchens the best strategy is to go with neutral colors. Your kitchen will appear much bigger than it really is due to the amount of light the lighter walls and surfaces will reflect. To mix things up a bit use different shades of white and use different textures. For example, one wall or an entire backsplash can be done with white subway tile or a light colored tile of your choice. this give the kitchen wall a nice light color but a different texture. Therefore make it look much more appealing in contrast to an ordinary white wall.

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Contrasting trim in kitchen
Another way of adding contrast and visual interest is to paint a lighter or darker color on the trim. All crown molding and trim can be painted in this color. And lastly add wallpaper in a light color. Again this adds a different texture to make thing more interesting and break up a solid white wall.

If you have dark cabinets you can either replace them with a lighter color or paint them. Dark cabinets absorb light so they then to make the environment darker and therefore make the room feel much smaller than it really is.

Best kitchen paint colors and  ideas for kitchen colors

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Shades of blue in the kitchen
As I stated above my favorite color is going to be a neutral color. However there are conditions where a bolder color is wanted but one that looks good and does well in the kitchen. One such color is blue. Different shades of blue can be used for walls and even cabinets. One popular trend now is painted ceilings. A lighter shade of blue could be used to paint the ceiling. One great idea is to accent the blue with white or another neutral color of choice. This keeps the room from becoming too dark and the blue too overpowering. It adds more balance. To find out more about balance read my article called 6 principals of interior design.

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Yellow kitchen color idea with painted ceiling
One of my favorite colors to use to brighten up any room is yellow. Yellow is a good color for the kitchen because it's a color that is beloved to make you hungry. So its a good color to make you feel bright and hungry, perfect for the kitchen.

Image courtesy of pin.it/l4x2hdvppnvvdw
Sage green kitchen walls
And lastly green is great in the kitchen. The reason why I like green in the kitchen is because it goes well with wood accents and white trim. Green can even be used as a accent color. For example, one wall can be painted green to add visual interest or give the room a striking shade.

How to make a small kitchen look larger

Floor color makes kitchen look bigger - Image courtesy of pin.it/v36zfwffuculsx
Light color kitchen floor
One important area that sometimes can be overlooked is the kitchen floor. By using a lighter color on the floor will open up a small space. Darker floors tend to make the space look closed in. Try a lighter wood color or you can even go with a lighter gray laminate or title color if you are into gray as in the image presented above.

Popular kitchen paint colors with pictures and ideas

Kitchen paint
Behr's Eiffel For You MQ2-37 paint
I'll start with some nice natural colors for your kitchen and then work up some some bolder colors. In this example, Behr's Eiffel For You MQ2-37 color is used on the walls. The neutral color goes well with the natural wood flooring. The kitchen has plenty of nice natural lighting and stainless steel appliances. This gives the kitchen a modern clean look. In addition flowers were added, all appliances were stored under the counter and a mirror was added next to the refrigerator. All these design schemes were used to make the space inviting and seem larger than it really is. The last touch of decor is the blue counter top which adds much visual interest to the kitchen.

Paint ideas
Behr's Splendor And Pride MQ5-47

In this example Behr's Splendor And Pride MQ5-47 color is used for the walls along with a Nano White HDC-MD-06color paint for the trim.
Kitchen paint color
Hawaiian Pineapple
Here are some other examples like Hawaiian Pineapple. The same kitchen is done in Hawaiian Pineapple a yellow paint color.

Behr Lunar Surface color for the kitchen
Lunar Surface color
And finally a gray tone Lunar Surface. The same kitchen in Lunar Surface paint color.

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Floor color makes kitchen look bigger - Image courtesy of pin.it/v36zfwffuculsx
Kitchen paint image courtesy of Behr
Paint ideas image courtesy of Behr
Kitchen paint color image courtesy of Behr
Behr Lunar Surface color for the kitchen image courtesy of Behr

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