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Cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms

My top cheap bathroom remodel ideas for small bathrooms that you will love. These are simple ideas you can do right now. They will make your bathroom look fantastic at a fraction of the cost of a complete remodel.

Wallpaper for a small bathroom

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Low cost herringbone design bathroom wallpaper
In the above image one bathroom wall was covered in a herringbone design wallpaper. It give the room a clean simple style. The bathroom is predominately done in a neutral color so the door was painted an egg-shell black color with black herringbone patterned hand towels. These simple changes transformed this small bathroom.

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Framed wallpaper bathroom decor idea
One of the cheapest ideas is to use wallpaper. But not the way you are thinking. I am talking about framed wallpaper. Find wallpaper that matches your bathroom color scheme and mount it to a ridged foam board. I would use foam due to it’s going to be in a steamy environment and it’s going to be water proof.

In the image above a floral pattern was used with a gold bamboo frame. This is just one example. You can go for a much simpler look by using a simpler pattern and a nice wooden frame.

I would also choose a wallpaper that is designed for bathroom use so it also will be waterproof or at least water resistant. Choose the right size and mount the wallpaper to the foam board. You can even frame it if you want. You can change it out easily and you do not have much invested. One word of caution, depending on your skill and the wallpaper you choose this can look really good or really bad. Make sure you get some opinions before you settle in on a design theme.

Sea shells in the bathroom 

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Sea decor are affordable bathroom decor
I have also seen a lot of shells and sea decor being used. It’s a natural and goes well in most situations. I’ve seen large sea shells being used as a soap holder and smaller sea shells hot glued to wood and or arranged into a pattern and framed.

In the image above sea horse decals for less than $12.00 were used. They were simply framed in 8 x 10 white frames and hung on the bathroom wall.

This idea can dress up an area quickly and give your room a beach like appearance. Here again I must repeat, this idea can look really good or really bad. I’ve seen it where its overdone and the end result looks bad. The designer went overboard.

Painted canvas bathroom idea

A huge trend today is to use painted canvas. It’s easy and relative low cost. You can even do it yourself. The trick is to select simple designs and big pictures to make a visually appealing statement. Do not select intricate paintings or designs.

Go for simple designs, no detailed paints or drawings. Pick complementary colors and your choice of accent color. If you are inclined to make it yourself you can start out with a blank canvas. Paint the canvas all one color that best suits your decor and add a simple design or paint letters in a contrasting color.

Most people tend to choose words like Soap and Water, 5 Cents, Take a Bath, etc. There are many online shops that sell these pre-made. Also, another idea is to choose simple black and white framed photographs. Most black and whites go well with most any color and can provide an interesting accent visual to your bathroom.

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The problem with most of the ideas mentioned above is they have been done many times and although they look good and can work out very well it’s nothing unique.

What you can do about your small bathroom color?

If your existing bathroom has a weird color tile more than likely it's going to be too expensive to change it out to a more neutral color. So for example, if your bathroom has a green or pink subway tile then you are going to have to work around that.

You will simply just have to work with what you have. But you can use a few simple accent pieces in a contrasting colors making it look much nicer and pleasing to the eye. Choose towels and or a bathroom rugs that matches your existing color but make sure its a contrasting complementary color that your like.

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Perfect pink color combinations
So for pink, for example, you can choose accents in black, burgundy, teal, and or light gray. And if you have green tile you can choose accents in violet, lavender, fuchsia, magenta or grape to complement light green.

By choosing accents in darker or lighter versions of your favorite matching color you can get an interesting effect. This adds contrast to your bathroom thus making it interesting to the eye.

Cheap bathroom remodel ideas conclusion

In most cases you do not have to invest in costly construction like adding ceramic tiles and installing new lighting. Just by simply updating your decor can give your room an entirely fresh look and feel. If you are skilled you can even make some of these ideas at home.

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