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When should Christmas decorations be put up

When should Christmas decorations be put up? Christmas decorations are typically displayed in late November or early December. This timing is generally to coincide with the beginning of Advent or the four Sundays and weeks before Christmas. The traditional beginning of Christmas time in the US is Thanksgiving. Most people start decorating for Christmas on November 12th.

But that might be a little too early for some folks. So an alternative is December 1. There are some folks who have their Christmas tree already up even before Halloween. In my opinion that’s a little too early. Those folks are really into Christmas. You may also be interested in other articles on this site like, When should you start decorating for Fall? or When should you start decorating for Halloween?

When is it too early to decorate for Christmas

Decorations to be put up when you start to see ads

Another rule of thumb is to start decorating when you start to see ads for Christmas. You can always start by scaling up. Start out small and then add bigger items as it get closer to Christmas. It seems like ads come earlier and earlier every year due to Christmas is a big money makes for most businesses.

Christmas decorations after Remembrance Day

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Some families do not put up Christmas decorations till after Remembrance Day or Veterans Day which is on November 11th due to paying respects to those who fought. In the United States the name was give after the Korean War and observed by memorial services and parades. I personally like to put up Christmas lights and big outdoor decorations while the weather is not too cold. I then have the option to turn them on whenever I feel like it’s the right time without being obnoxious to my neighbors.

When to put up a Christmas tree?

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As for putting up the Christmas tree I guess it mainly depends if you have a real or artificial tree. I feel you can put up an artificial tree much earlier than a real tree. Real trees tend to dry out fast inside if you are not careful. Reals trees are generally put up about two weeks before Christmas. This is give plenty of time to enjoy the tree and it does not dry out. An artificial tree can be put up much earlier. Lately I have been using an artificial tree and will put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

When to mail Christmas cards?

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Back in the old days Christmas cards were mailed out early in December. I had many signed and addressed to friends and relatives. It took days to prepare the envelopes and cards. I remember they cost a fortune and well as took up much of my time. Now days with email and texting I have been lax with the Christmas cards. I no longer send out munches of cards.

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

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