Modern bedroom designs

Clean lines and neutral hues is a perfect modern bedroom design. The best way to get clean lines is go for an uncluttered look. For more decorating ideas be sure to read my articles on decorating questions. This style is very functional and makes for a nice space to retreat and drift off to sleep. To get this style you will need either furniture or closets with lots of well organized storage space. This makes it much easier to keep things uncluttered. The concept of space is important in interior design. To learn more read my article called what is the element of space in interior design. Also another design is a minimalist style. In this style there are no large canopy beds and large ornate wooden bed frames. Just the essentials needed for functionality.

Modern bedroom ideas that embody great design
Or you may wish to search for modern bedroom designs and ideas that are colored woods and fluffy comforter sitting on top of a wooden platform bed. To warm things up you may consider clean hard flooring with an area rug. This style is along the lines of a farmhouse look and feel. But it does not have to be totally farmhouse it can strike a balance of somewhere in between if you like. The style is warm, cozy and earthy. A good option where and really in any bedroom is to add plenty of indoor plants. Plants give a fresh green look to any room and helps clean the air.

Another classic modern design is to go for a sleek glossy look where all furniture is finished in a high gloss color, typically in a black color but can be other colors like red for example. You could go for a black and white scheme. Or add some color by adding accents in a bold color of your choice. Use bold colors on light fixtures and add a large bold striking modern artwork to the bedroom to finish off the modern style.

Bedroom designs you will not want to miss out on

When decorating or remodeling your bedroom just remember it all has to function as well as look stunning. Make choices that make sense. For example, don't feel the need to fill every space in the room. A good starting point to help you with your design is to read: What are the 6 principles of interior design.These are the building block that constitute a good design.

If you are working with a small bedroom you definitely want to make sure everything has a purpose and provides functionally. After all there is not much space to work with so everything has to be useful. With a large bedroom you can take another approach and add a beautiful chair and other furniture. You may even opt in for that loveseat at the end of the bed. At some point, in either case you will need to consider the type of flooring you will want. And there are lots of options. In most classic modern designs no carpet is used. It's either wood or some other hard surface flooring. However this may not be your style. If that is the case then keeping with the theme consider a super low pile carpet. or add area rugs to proved warmth and comfort.

My favorite modern bedroom ideas that embody great design

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1. Modern wood walls.

Wide plank modern walls matched with gray pillows and bed covers gives this bedroom a modern cabin look. Modern ornate lighting matches the headboard giving the room a nice flow and a warm cozy lighting.

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2. Industrial look

Get that industrial modern look by creating your own iron pipes. You don't have to actually live in an abandoned downtown warehouse to get the industrial style. The above modern style can be created by using iron water pipes or electrical conduit connected together with outdoor lighting fixtures attached at various points on the conduit.

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3. 1960 design

Modernized 1960 design and clean lines turns this bedroom into modern elegance. Rich green color from the 60s is used on the bedspread and throw pillows along with retro style furniture. Shag area rug is used to add texture and warmth. Louis Poulsen lighting is used as bedside lighting.

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4. Authentic shaker

Framed doors and drawer fronts, period hardware, and authentic shaker simplicity you're sure to love this 6-drawer walnut dresser from RC Willey looks good in the master bedroom. Contrasting artwork and lamp reflects a serene and modern look.

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5. Minimalist

Minimalist mill-work design gives a modern vibe in this master bedroom.

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6. Monochrome

Monochrome modern high gloss back furniture makes a statement in the bedroom. Black bed-frame and matching night stand with contrasting off white bed linen and matching night stand lamp.

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7. Mid-Century design

Mid-Century modern bedroom with neutral color walls a vintage rug and leather headboard is a signature of modern classic.  All that is missing is a beautiful original artwork above the bed.

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Original artwork makes a striking statement

8. Original artwork

Artwork on the wall above the bed finishes off the bedroom with style. You worked so hard on your bedroom design, searched for just he right furniture and style but like most folks purchase their artwork from a major discount chain. And yes it makes the entire room look just as cheap as the artwork. So why not finish it off with an original? Original art created by the artist hands is considered more desirable and valuable.

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9. Neutral colors

Master bedroom suite in need of a makeover using neutral colors and texture makes for a clean silhouette look. Light colored flooring is complemented with area rugs giving warmth and added texture to an otherwise very neutral flooring. In addition the wall behind the bed wallpaper is added again, giving more texture and visual interest. This is a perfect example of an all neutral bedroom but looks amazing by using contrasting colors and texture.

Spectacular Modern Bedroom Ideas For The Creative Mind

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10. Cool lighting

Modern recessed ceiling lights and LED lighting gives this bedroom a beautiful bit of ambiance.

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11. Simple design

A modern bedroom design that is very simple. It also has a kind of vintage look by adding the mid century night stand.

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12. Sophistication

This is an absolutely beautiful bedroom setup in my opinion. Check out that light above the bed. It brings so much character to the bedroom.

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13. Black and White

This bedroom design is beautiful, in a plain kind of monochrome way. If you’re a minimalistic kind of person and love black and white then this is perfect for you. The white shades do a wonderful job of breaking up the white and make it look less overpowering.

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14. Art Deco

The design of this bedroom is very artsy, so if you are into art Deco then you’ll love this style. Check out the hanging decor above the bed. I’m honestly not sure if it’s a light or just a hanging piece of art, but it’s makes a very nice addition to the bedroom.

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15. Gothic

This bedroom design is the Gothic lovers dream. The first thing I notice is that absolutely stunning chandelier and matching wall sconces.

Impressive bedroom design ideas

Simple bedroom designs

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