Great bedroom makeover ideas

It does not matter if you are just tired of your old space or you just moved and you are looking to give your new space a makeover. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars and a lot time to make it happen. This article will outline several easy tips and design tricks to give your bedroom a makeover it deserves.

1 Bedroom makeover with removable wallpaper

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Removable wallpaper
A real easy way to make a huge impact is to use removable wallpaper. The great thing about this makeover idea is that if you do not like it you can remove it. Jut replace with another pattern and you are all set. All too easy, right?

2 Mix warm and cool colors in the bedroom

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Blue and Yellow colors in the bedroom
Did you know that opposite colors work well together. And what I mean is opposite colors on the color wheel. For example, colors like Blue and Yellow, or Blue and Orange. These combinations make the room feel calm while also adding a bit of energy.

3 Finish your bedroom space

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Finish off your bedroom with a reading chair and lamp
When you walk into a bedroom and you only see a bed it just does not look finished. Something just does not look right. What's missing is the rest of the furniture to make the room feel more livable. Try adding a chair and a reading lamp in one corner or along a wall. This give the room an inviting look.

4 Add some color to the bedroom

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Add Teal for a splash of color
Most new homes today are finished using some hue of gray color. Or you may have an all white bedroom. Or maybe an all neutral bedroom. Anyway you get the point. If you do you are actually lucky. All you need now is a splash of color using accents like a bold throw pillow. If you have a gray bedroom then a teal throw pillow will add what you are looking for.

5 Add bedroom mirrors

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Add mirrors to your bedroom
You can make any room look bigger by adding mirrors. The more the better. Mirrors make the room look bigger by reflecting light. It also works great to break up a large wall. So add at least two mirrors if you have the space. Add a round 50 inch or so mirror and then a stand up mirror in the corner. Now you have a much larger space, at least it appears so.
6 Bedroom lighting makeover
If you have a small bedroom use chrome lamps. Chrome is another shinny surface giving the illusion of more space. Make sure you position your light for the perfect reading light or mood lighting.

6 Color scheme

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Add colors and stick to a scheme
It's important to say true to a color scheme. Do no randomly start picking bold colors. My favorite scheme is to start out with neutral wall colors and then go bold with accents like throw pillows or hanging wall art. I find this scheme provides enough balance between the neutrals and the bold colors.

7 Paint your bedroom ceiling

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Painted bedroom ceiling makeover
If you feel like going real bold try painting your bedroom ceiling. Your room will definitely look much different. If you go bold on the the ceiling then make sure to balance it out by going with softer neutrals on the bed.

8 Add original wall art

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Add original art for an elegant makeover
Turn your old plain and simple looking wall into a beautiful vignette by adding original artwork. The trick here is not to add just anything but look for original works you can be proud of. Original works of art are not that much more expensive plus you not have a nice conversation piece. Each original usually has a history on either how it was made, a bit about the artist or why it was made.

9 Add patterns to your bed

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Add patterns like paisley or stripes
Ready to make a big statement? Well all you need now is to add some patterns. Go with simple shapes like paisley, tight prints and or stripes bed comforters.

10 Move your bedroom furniture

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Try move the bed for a makeover
Chances are you bedroom furniture has been in the same location for a long time. Try moving the bed to another area of the room. May be under a window or if you have a small bed room give yourself more room by pushing the bed all the way in the corner of the room. Plus the best part of this idea is it's totally free.

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