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How can I make my kitchen look modern?

Kitchen modern make over
A very popular question for homeowners is how can I make my kitchen look modern? And it's a great question because that is where most of the activity occurs in a home, the kitchen. It's the most used room of a house. It's where all the meals are prepared and it's where most family and friends tend to gather during the holidays to find snacks. So only natural to want to have a modern looking kitchen.

1. Modern kitchen makeover with new paint

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Updated kitchen walls and painted cabinets
A great way to update your kitchen is to update the color of your walls. Start out by choosing a lighter color. I prefer a neutral color as a base color and then build on that with color accents to match. By going with a lighter color you will make your kitchen feel larger and more expensive looking. I would suggest starting out by looking at Behr's Hazelnut Cream 750C-2 in the Marquee line. I have experience using Behr's paints from HomeDepot and found that over the years they hold up very well. But you are not obligated to use Behr. If you have experience with another brand that is great. Go ahead and use whatever brand you are comfortable with.

You can paint your kitchen cabinets to make it look more modern, but almost in all cases the paint will chip over time and it's not as durable as the original finish. So my recommendation is to paint your cabinets only as the last resort.

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Chipped cabinets
I have experience painting cabinets using tow methods and both gave OK results one a little better that the other. Here is what I did. the first method and the most common is to scrub the cabinets with TSP, wearing gloves and a mask. Then paint with Zinsser primer. then paint with your favorite color. this method worked but after a few months paint was chipped in high wear areas. And my cabinets were a dark color and my new paint was whit so the chips were easily seen.

The second method I used was to again use TSP to clean the cabinets and scuff then using a scotch bright pad. Then paint using a spray can. Spray can contain glue mixed in with the paint so it drys to a much harder durable surface. But it makes a big mess. I had to wall off the rest of the house using giant sheets of plastic taped to the ceiling, make sure It was properly ventilated, wore gloves and a mask. The end result looked good. the finish lasted much longer than the first method, however over time, about a year you could start to see wear on the paint.

So, its for these reasons I really do not recommend painting cabinets. The finish just does not last.

2. Make your kitchen modern by replacing hardware

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Depending on how many drawer pulls and cabinets your have it may be really easy ans cost effective to change out the hardware. It's a simple process to do because most hardware is just held on by a screw on the back of the cabinet. Just unscrew the screw and replace with a new handle.

The one thing you need to make sure of is to measure your hardware so you know what size to replace it with. It's a good idea to carry an old handle with you when you get ready to make your purchase.

3. Modern kitchens all have great lighting

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Modern kitchen lighting
Lighting is one of the most important features of any kitchen. While preparing food and other cooking related activities you need to be able to see clearly. If you have a window and it provides natural lighting you are in luck. To read more see my fantastic article Kitchen lighting trends on this site. You will be glad you did.

4. Modern art elevates a kitchen

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Who says artwork only belongs in the living room? Artwork can elevate any room including your kitchen. If you painted your walls a neutral color then you are in luck. Now you can go big and bold on your art by picking and choosing colors from the artwork and using them as accent colors. My matching colors form the artwork give the kitchen a flowing look, like it was all perfectly planned. In which it was, right? If you like this idea ans want to read more see my article entitled Is wall art the most important element in interior design?

5. Update kitchen window treatments

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Kitchen windows design ideas
Add new window dressing in colors that match your artwork. this give the room a flowing personal touch. Just make sure you don't block too much of the natural lighting.

6. Update kitchen appliances

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Matte appliance from GE are hot
As appliances break or get to their end-of-life replace them with newer modern versions. This can be a big expense to do all appliances at once so have a style in mind for all your appliances and as they go replace with the newer style. Over time all your appliances will be replaced.

7. Modern kitchen backsplash

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Modern kitchen backsplash
A great and major bang-for-the-buck modern upgrade is to update or add a brand new backsplash. A nice looking well installed backsplash instantly makes your kitchen look modern.

8. It's super easy to add flowers

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Hydrangea flower arrangement in the kitchen
Make your kitchen look better and smell wonderful. It's like a breath of fresh air. Bring in some of the outdoors. Add color with orchids. This is truly a super simple decorating idea.

9. Store small appliances

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Keep small appliances out of sight in the kitchen
Another super simple idea is to remove all clutter. The clean look will make your kitchen look more modern and give you more usable space. Store all small appliances under the counter and bring them out only when needed.

10. Bring out the fruit and veggies to bring your kitchen to life

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Vegetables are brightly colored and make for beautiful decor
Most fruit and vegetables are brightly colored and make for beautiful decor. Add apples, bananas, oranges, lemons or even green apples to a large colorful bowl.

11. Add fragrance

Fragrance diffuser
Get rid of the burning candles. It's just makes for indoor pollution by having something burning inside your home. Instead go for an aromatherapy fragrance diffuser or wax melts. Most diffusers cost less than $20.00 like the upgraded InnoGear. I like the InnoGear because it's white and blends in with everything white so it's not so noticeable. When turned on it fills your kitchen with a lovely fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from stressful and tired day. It's also perfect for masking stubborn smoking and pet odors.

Wax melts
Wax melts work great as well. Most wax melts are less than $20.00. Wax comes in many different fragrances. For example Febreze Unstopables come in a nice Spring fragrance. a pack of 8 cost $3.51. Just put the wax melts in a wax warmer and place in your kitchen. I prefer the wax melts because I believe they last longer and are much cheaper that oils for a diffuser. When you are ready to replace the wax just put in the freezer for a few minutes (10 to 15 minutes) and the wax pops out with no mess.

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