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Decorate living room with indoor plants

One super easy way to transform your living room is to decorate with indoor plants. Decorating with indoor plants add greenery to your space. There are many types of plants in all different sizes this article discusses what will be a good fit and where to place them. In addition, there are many large plants and trees that do very well indoors.
Indoor plant decor

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How to decorate your living room with plants

When picking an indoor plant you will want to pick one that is easy to maintain and one that will not die on you. With indoor plants you get a great looking room decor plus you get the benefit of having an air purifier. Plants help the environment by cleaning the air around them. This makes for a healthier environment in your home.
Living room plants
Fern - Photo by Cristofer Jeschke
Ferns can add a tropical look to your home. Boston fern is a popular choice for indoor plants. Its sometimes called sword or ladder fern. It's also considered one of the most effective houseplants for removing air pollutants.

My favorite indoor plant to add to a bookshelf is a Pothos

Best living room indoor plant
Pothos Plant - Photo by Patrick Perkins

One of my favorite indoor plants to add interest to a bookshelf is Pothos. It’s a super easy plant to care for and can survive in a variety of lighting conditions. Caring for Pothos plants are super easy because they do well in bright indirect light as well as low light conditions. And they can be grown in dry soil or water vases. They will thrive in nutrient-rich soil, but honestly they do almost as well in nutrient-poor soil as well. Pothos plants will make a great addition to your living room because they can tolerate low light.

The Aloe is a great plant for a living room table

Decorating with plants
Aloe Plant - Photo by Silvia Agrasar

Another great plant is Aloe. The Aloe is a great plant for a living room table or side table that gets sunlight. It’s a succulents so make sure not to over water it. It will prefer a dry soil. These plants will give your living room a nice green calming effect. when potting the plant make sure to pick an accent color to match your living room artwork or other color accents. Another option is to pick a neutral color. Sometimes small plants work well in small spaces. Also, white works well if you have too much accent colors already.

English Ivy plant for the living room bookshelves

So far the plants I mentioned are smaller plants that work great for small living room tables and or living room bookshelves. The next plant I will mention is a little bit bigger. The Spider Plant grows larger and has variegated slender leaves that grows downward. The leaves resembles the legs of a spider. They do well in 65 degree to 75 degree room temperatures. This plant works well on a living room table in a brightly colored pot. Without going into a lot of details there are two more plants that work great in smaller spaces in the living room. There are the Jade plant and English Ivy. They are hard to kill and look great. You simply can’t go wrong with these. English Ivy plant on a bookshelf add visual interest and a great decor idea.

living room bookshelf plant
English Ivy - Photo by Natali Merx

Dieffenbachia decor for the living room

Next I am going to talk about living room plants that are taller. These would be free standing and do not require a bookshelf or table. The first living room plant is a Rubber Tree. I love these because of the dark green leaves and it’s easy to take care of. It likes temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees and takes medium to bright light. This is the perfect plant to fill-in an empty corner or wall space in your living area.

Image courtesy of

Another favorite of mine is the Dieffenbachia. I love this plant because of the variegated leaves. Adding this plant to your living room makes for an attractive decor. This plant grows to about 6 feet tall. I’ll mention a few more like the Snake Plant and Peace Lily but I am not too fond of these plants. You might be, and they are great plants so be sure to check them out. They are just not my favorites.

Tall indoor trees for the sitting room

Image courtesy of
Ficus in the living room

The last tall plant I will mention that will look fantastic in your living room is the Ficus. The tree will take full sun or part shade and likes temperatures above 60 degrees but no warmer than 70 or so. I think the Ficus looks great in either in a solid white or brightly colored ceramic pot. It stands tall so it can fill a larger area in your living room. These trees work well to add interest to a large blank wall or can be used next to wall art.

Decorate your living room with a Philodendron

Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of

And lastly I’ll mention the Philodendron just because if you water it once in awhile it’s almost impossible to kill. It looks great next to a bookcase or fireplace mantel. It prefers indirect sunlight. And does well in indoor temperatures.

Living room plants decor conclusion

So there you have it a run down of some popular and easy to take care of plants for your living room.You can’t go wrong with any one of these plants and they will add the extra visual impact you are looking for at a reasonable price.

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