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Glass Shower Doors for a Truly Modern Bath

Glass shower doors make a truly modern bathroom. Designing a home can be a challenging task in itself, especially for those not specifically trained in interior design. So in this article I offer some quick and simple solutions to help you transform your old bathroom into a modern look with the use of glass. Glass shower doors or otherwise known as frame-less shower glass without a cover transforms an old outdated bathroom into a modern sleek looking bath. Let's take a closer look at how glass shower doors can modernize your bathroom quickly and some things you should watch out for to keep you safe.

All modern baths have glass shower doors. The glass shower doors give your bathroom a truly modern look. It can take an old closed-in look and feel bath and turn it into a nice open-air design. Glass makes your bathroom look and feels much bigger. Older style tubs and shower curtains close off an already small space, making your bathroom look even smaller. You want a frame-less all-glass shower to get that stunning look, open look. It's an instant upgrade, and I might add a smart investment.

Why frame-less glass? Frame-less glass offers a refined look and modern look to your bathroom. But the hard part is that every bathroom is different. Bathrooms come in different sizes and configurations. Sometimes the walls are not straight so by using a frame-less design you will fit the glass precisely to your bathroom walls making for a nice and tight waterproof seal. The glass panels allow a lot of light to pass through so you do not get that closed in feeling. Besides, the wall may not be straight, the floor could also be uneven. This means a lot of measuring the use of templates and designing custom configurations. Therefore, I recommend leaving the installation to a certified professional.

Glass shower doors in the bathroom

When looking for an installer, make sure you look at their work. You want to make sure you get super heavy duty hinges of top quality. You should insist on perfectly balanced glass shower doors. When you leave the door halfway open, the door stays in that position and does not close. 

Can I use glass cleaner on my shower door

You should not have to use any type of cleaner on your glass shower door. High quality glass shower doors have specialty coating to help with cleaning. Look for glass that has special coatings to repel soap scum and water spots. Many over-the-counter cleaners, if applied to the aluminum and left on, will harm the metal finish and cause permanent damage, even though their directions indicate safe use on shower door. The last thing you want to do is have to clean your glass enclosure after every shower. You should not have to use harsh chemicals or cleaner. All you should do is to spray the glass with a little water and wipe with a clean towel. I like to use a microfiber towel. These are all features of high-quality glass shower doors and glass enclosures. By using high-quality glass shower doors you pay more, but you end up adding value to your home. In the end, it's a wise investment.

Dangers of exploding glass shower doors

The last thing you would expect is for your shower door to explode. Especially while you are entering the shower or taking a shower. If this happens, you could have a bathroom covered in shattered glass. There are many reports of glass enclosures exploding on their own. If this happens while you are in the shower, you can easily have shards of glass all over your body. They do not make shower doors from just any old glass. They are made from safety glass. And that means temperatured glass. Temperatured glass has a lot of energy stored within it. And with the smallest nick, they design the glass to blow into thousands of tiny pieces. The tiny shards are sharp and dangerous. Glass shower doors can break all on their own by a poorly installed shower grab bar or a glass door coming off its track and hitting the shower wall or tub. Plus the glass can break all by itself by what's called a nickel sulfide inclusion. this can cause the glass shower door to explode on its own when nobody is around. And sometimes glass shower doors explode because of microscopic pebbles trapped inside the glass when it was made.

But you can make your glass shower door much safer by having a clear safety film professionally installed. If the glass shower door or panel was to explode, the clear safety film will hold all the shards of glass together. Thus if you were in the shower when the glass exploded it would just hang there, broken but mostly intact and not causing injury. Safety film is relatively inexpensive and to have one professionally covers runs around $100.00. An excellent investment.

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