Friday, July 12, 2019

How can I decorate my bathroom

Bathroom decor ideas
How many times have you asked the question how can I decorate my bathroom? If you ask this question more than once and not found an answer yet then you came to the right place. Here are several great tips on how to make your bathroom look like a million dollars. Bathroom decorative ideas that are inexpensive and simple.

Decorate Your Bathroom With New Lighting

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Lighting is the most significant upgrade you can make. Recent studies found that together with the right color, lighting affects your mood. It is not that difficult or expensive to change your lighting. Changing your bathroom lighting makes for a new and bigger looking bathroom. The older your lighting is the more it’s going to change the color of your skin and make darker unattractive shades. So if at all possible you will want to change your fixture to a more modern one. However, if this is not possible try updating to a newer bulb that gives off a sunny day warm color.

Decorate Your Bathroom With New Artwork

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Feel free to take a look at ceramic artwork or go for other artwork that gives you the statement you are looking for. Ceramics are great because they are waterproof. Steam is not a problem for ceramics. For a unique look you may try colorful art works or simply take an old photo and blow it up creating a canvas print. Now days these prints can be laminated for water resistance. My favorite is of course is ceramic fish sculptures. They are very colorful and make a unique statement. After selecting your artwork choose a wall color that will complement your artwork.

Decorate Your Bathroom With New Paint

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After you have improved your bathroom’s lighting quality, the next rapid and somewhat easy upgrade to the bathroom is the paint. Choose light colors especially if your bathroom is small. It’s best to have the lighting upgraded first because it will change the color temperature in the room. Wall colors will look different.

Upgrade Bathroom Mirror And Fixtures

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If your mirror is dated then an new one will do wonders for your bathroom. Also, consider upgrading drawer pulls. Just make sure you find a new one with the same hole spacing as your exiting ones. Then all you need to do is unscrew the two screws from the back of the drawer and install your new pull. This project is real quick and easy.

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