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Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid That Will Save You Money

When designing a bathroom is easy to make mistakes. Especially if this is your first time designing. So in this article, I would like to talk about common mistakes people make so that when you get ready to design your bathroom, you will not make these same mistakes. So what are the most common bathroom mistakes to avoid?

Money Saving Bathroom Mistakes To Avoid
No plan By far the most common and biggest mistake is not having a plan. This will cause you to either have extra work done or re-doing completed work. Either way, it gets expensive fast.
No samples Not getting samples is another enormous mistake. What looks good online does not always translate to looking good in person.
Wrong tile size It is a costly mistake to pick the wrong size tiles for your bathroom. Select a larger tile format for an enormous bathroom. Pick a smaller tile for smaller bathrooms.
Too trendy Do not choose just because it’s the current trend. Colors come and go and designs change. But the key thing to remember is to choose your favorite design, one that serves you the best, and be smart with your choices.

Bathroom Design Mistakes You Should Avoid
 Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid

Not having a plan

It might surprise you to know one of the most common mistakes made is not having a plan. This is the most costly mistake because as you see things coming together in your bathroom as work is being done, you will inevitably end up changing your mind and your design. This will cause you to either have extra work done or re-doing completed work. Either way, it gets expensive fast.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to come up with a plan early. Do this by gathering all your inspirations together in one place. Start by selecting items and colors you would like in your bathroom design. Look for inspirational designs, colors, patterns, textures, finishes, images, and styles that you like. After you have all your inspirations together in one place, choose what will be the focal point in your bathroom. It can be the tile, the shower, or the vanity. Then decide on how it will look. There will be many options and colors, so by having a visual guide you will see what you are getting before they have completed the work. You can even go as far as choosing lighting fixtures. Choose one of your inspiration items. Once you have settled on a main focal point, it's much easier to pull colors and textures from the focal point to use in other parts of the bathroom. This gives you a nice uniform design throughout your bathroom. This is the longest leg and most complicated part of the design. It is the hardest part, but it very rewarding when you know what the result will look like before you even start your design work.

No samples

Another huge mistake is not getting samples. There have been countless times when I looked something up online and then later to my horror when looking at it in person it looks different. Online photos can give you a rough idea, but you really should get a sample and check it out in person. Once I was designing a bathroom and picked out the paint color online. It was a cheerful light neutral color. It looked perfect online. I went to the paint store and rattled off the paint number and blindly purchased the paint. After they painted the bathroom, I was in total disarray. I could not believe my eyes. The paint had so much more yellow than in the online photos, and it was much darker. I had to back to the paint store and choose another color paint and have the bathroom re-painted. What a costly mistake by me just trying to save some time.

Now I gather all my samples and physically take them to the bathroom or room being designed and lay it out to see the actual colors. Colors and textures will look different in the actual room because of the lighting. Morning light versus afternoon light will also have a dramatic effect on how paint colors, tiles colors, and textures will look.

Choosing the wrong size

Choosing the wrong size tiles for your bathroom is a costly mistake. For an enormous bathroom choose a larger format tile. For smaller bathrooms, choose a smaller tile. This way your bathroom will look appropriately sized with the tiles. If you have an enormous bathroom, large slabs running up the wall give a dramatic effect. Nowadays manufacturers make what we call porcelain veneer slabs that are a relatively inexpensive way to mimic large natural stones without having to pay the hefty price tag. Porcelain veneer slabs are a full-height slab with a thin porcelain veneer outer layer on the face. The back is a thick substrate installed directly onto the bathroom wall. As the result, you are looking at a very nice natural stone finish, but it's a porcelain veneer.

If you have a shower with a lot of angles and a weird design is' best not to go with a small tile. The small tile combined with really weird angles will make the shower look crazy. It best to go with larger tiles or slabs. This is where a porcelain veneer slab can come to the rescue. Now if you have a standard rectangular shower, then you are free to choose either slabs or tiles.

What should you not do when remodeling a bathroom?

When remolding a bathroom you should not choose features and or colors that are trending just because they are trending. Always choose colors and features that will serve you the best. As we look back into the past, we can see how various bathroom colors and designs have grown. From shower curtains and toilets with tanks to frame-less glass showers and tankless toilets. Colors come and go and designs change. But the key thing to remember is to choose your favorite design, one that serves you the best, and be smart with your choices. When choosing, make your choices as timeless as possible. By keeping these key points in mind, your bathroom design will last longer and will increase the value of your home.

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